Passport Troubles

I had quite a day yesterday … 2 days before the flight to the Czech Republic I found out, that my passport was not valid since a few month’s now.

I then had tried to search in the internet about information, if I do need a valid passport or if it is still valid even 5 years after invalidation?`But the main problem with this search was, on every site on the internet I got other information. So I decided to call the Austrian Embassy and they told me that this would not work and I had to travel to Berne to get an Emergency Passport.

Unfortunately the Embassy itself (or at least the passport bureau) had only open from 9 to 12 in the morning. So I got in the car, drove to a photographer to get a passport picture and drove all the way (about 120km) to Berne to the Embassy. At 11:15 I was there and just half an our later I was presented with this:

So with this passport (even if emergency is written on it) I had no problems, and I shouldn’t get any problems, hopefully.

PS: Even this story, despite containing long driving during working hours, had some good effect. I was able to fill out the form for the new biometric passport, for which I anyway had to travel to Berne to make the fingerprint etc. So at least this is done, and I shouldn’t have to go to Berne for this passport again.

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