Trip to Czech – Day 1

Today our trip to the Czech Republic has started quite early in the morning. I stood up at way too early to get to Zürich Airport by car and not to get into the daily Gubrist tunnel troubles.

Early in the morning...

View from the plane

It was so early in the morning, that I had no problem and was half an hour to soon there. But in the end it was better than being half an hour to late, that’s for sure.

My private stairway

After we all met, we had to drop our baggage and get to the gate, pretty standard stuff. Next stop on our tour was Prague. Everything went well, but after we picked up our stuff, no driver was there to pick us up. So we called the guys who should have picked us up, and after a few phone calls later we were told that our taxi had some engine troubles and we should get a taxi by our self. So we went off to find a taxi to our next stop, Hradec Králové.

Restaurant Duran

Approx 2 hours later we finally arrived at the hotel. I have an interesting room, because it is on the second floor, but a floor down… That means I have my own stairway which will only lead to my room :-). After a quick stop to drop our baggage, our taxi drove us to the GMC R&D departments office. After some sandwich lunch we started with the things why we even got there. After some long presentations and discussions we went off to the hotel to change and we were being transported to our next stop, the Duncan restaurant where we were able to round off the evening.

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