Trip to Czech – Last Days

Sorry for the late update, but I hadn’t got the time to update my blog as I wanted to. So this will be a heads up what was going on in the last days in the Czech Republic.


Our hotel in Hradec Králové

We woke up early to get to the office for a meeting marathon. Luckily we were joined by the “nice guy” he is calling himself, which we already saw a few times in Switzerland. We had a nice lunch at the Aquarium, a relatively new restaurant near to the office of GMC.

Lunch on Thursday

After a few more meetings in the afternoon we set up to the hotel for a short stop and afterwards we should met with the folk from GMC in a restaurant called Mexita in the center of the town. Unfortunately the restaurant was supposed to be full, but we managed to get to a nice sports bar just a few meters from the hotel. After we ate there, we were going to Mexita for a drink.


GMC sign

Our last day at Hradec Králové started the same as the last day. But instead of a whole day full of meetings, it was only half a day. At 11:30 we went of directly from the office of GMC with a taxi to the airport of Prague, because one of us (GMC employee who accompanied us) had to leave early.

So we went on to the airport to let him catch his plane, and afterwards headed to the center of Prague to our hotel for the last night. Our hotel was in a side street from Wenceslas Square, so we were right in the center of the city. We went of to go to the city, to see the Charlesbridge and the Castle of Prague, act as normal tourists. In the evening we had a reservation in a restaurant to get some nice food and went afterwards to a club near the Wenceslas Square.

On Saturday our side-seeing went further. But after we left the hotel, we were in a really large crowed at the Wenceslas Square. There was a huge demonstration against the government. After crossing the square, we made a side-seeing tour in a bus for 2 hours to not only get the pictures, but to get the captioning to the pictures we took on Friday. So we learned some interesting things about the city. We ordered a taxi in the hotel, which brought us to the airport (a simple black Skoda limousine). After dropping the baggage, we had some time to get a last Czech food at the airport, before our airplane was supposed to get off. The flight was a bit bumpy, because of the bad weather in Zurich, but all in all I was happy to get back.

The trip to Czech was definitely worth it. Not only to get to know the people at GMC a bit better, but also for seeing such the beautiful city Prague. Only minus point is, I learned only one word in Czech, and that is Pivo, which means Beer 😉

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